A collection of all of the pages currently on this website! Maybe eventually there'll be random weird pages only linked here.

Link Description
Main pages
index The landing page/the page you first see!
home The site's main page!
links The page that I puta bunch of neat links on!
journal My eJournal!
Misc A page for links to pages!
Otome Section
otomehome Main page of the otome section!
otomelog A place for me to write(ramble) about otome games!
otomerec Otome game recommendations!
otomeplaylist A list of all of the otome games I've played!
otome_old The old otome page.
updates Where I note all(most) of the changes I make!
aboutme A page that lets you learn a bit more about me!
translations Where I put info of anything I've translated!
construction For when a page is coming soon!
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