Website Update Log

This is where I'll record all of the changes to my website.


2019/06/19 -
otome section - Otome section now has its own updates log so updates for it won't show up here anymore.
links - Added and changed around some buttons.

2019/06/18 -
links - Added some buttons.
(i should remember to update this updates page more)
home - Added tons of new blinkies, buttons, stamps, etc.

2019/06/15 -
home - Added a Clavis png just because I could.

2019/06/15 -
journal - New entry.

2019/06/14 -
otome/otomelog - Changed stuff. (messed up a moment but its fixed now)
journal - New entry.

2019/06/13 -
Journal - New entry.
Links - Added and changed around some buttons.

2019/06/12 -
Journal - Revamped the look of any new entries, leaving the old ones as is. New entry.
Links - Added and changed around some buttons.
Home - Changed some of the introductory text to be more relevant.
aboutme - Added some fun(and not fun) images that I find relatable

2019/06/11 -
Otomerecs - Started the JP Language section with two games.
Home - Removed Twitter and CuriousCat links from contact box. Let everyone know of the state of my blog.
aboutme - Changed things I guess.
Links - Totally revamped.
Site-wide - Changed the font again.
Journal - New entry.

2019/06/10 -
Journal - New entry.

2019/06/09 -
Journal - New entry.
Otomerecs - Created.
aboutme - Added misc favorites section.

2019/06/07 -
Replaced the old otome.html page with otome/otomehome.html as a starting point to turn what was one single page on otome into an entire section of the website.
Changed otome.html to otome_old.html so it's still visitable (for now at least).
Journal - New entry.
Otomelog - Created.
Otomeplaylist - Created.

2019/06/06 -
Journal - New entry.

2019/06/04 -
Journal - New entry. Changed about.

2019/06/03 -
Home - Added a div of what anime I'm currently watching.
Journal - New entry.
Profile - Added childhood games in favorites.

2019/06/02 -
Links - Added new button!
Journal - New entry.

2019/06/01 -
Links - Added more buttons to other Neocities websites.
Translations - Added email link.
Site-wide - Changed the font.
Landing Page - Changed "ENTER" text font. Added a fun Japanese welcoming message.

2019/05/31 -
Links - Added another affiliate button.
Journal - New entry.

2019/05/30 -
Home - Added a bunch of weblisting buttons. Added a way to email me.
Links - Added some link buttons. Added another link at the bottom.
Journal - New entry.
Profile - Created.
I keep forgetting to update this updates page as I do things.

2019/05/29 -
Home - Moved website button to here to make it easier to find.
Links - Removed button and accompanying text.
Journal - New entry. Misc - Changed guestbook appearance to this site's theme.

2019/05/28 -
Home - updated introduction. Added a whole bunch of images and gifs. Added a disclaimer.
Links - Added buttons for my boyfriend's website and the old Marfisa's Angelique website. Fixed the link for the new Marfisa's Angelique website since apparently that was broken this whole time.
Otome - Made it actually clear what games I've fully completed. Changed the font of the games list to make it easier to read. Added a whole lot of additional writings.
A bunch of little changes to a bunch of different pages and can't be bothered to properly write it out.
Journal - New entry.

2019/05/27 -
Journal - New entry.

2019/05/25 -
Links - Added Nostalgic/Kei's button! Added a new links sections with some links to websites.
Home - Removed chatbox.

2019/05/23 -
Journal - Added new entry.
Home - Added interest. Added new contact. Added a fun little chatbox.
Site-wide - Created a 4chan-esque spoiler tag(span). My entire site should be mobile friendly now!
Links - Added Dannarchy's button.

2019/05/21 -
Home - Added fancier dividers. Used abbr tag for "joseimuke" and added an informative link to "Neoromance." moved dragon egg from Links to here. Added a "currently playing" container to show what game I'm in the progress of playing.
Links - Updated to current website formatting. Removed dragon egg. Added additional detail about my button.
Journal - Created.
Updates - Created.
Otome - Updated to current website formatting.