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Miki's Otome Game Links!

This is where I'll leave links to various otome game related websites and resources! This is going to be a work in progress page for a while. Both regarding adding enough good links and also the layout of the page itself. I'd like to eventually give it a cooler layout when I think of a good idea for it.

If there are any important otome related links you think I should include in this list, please send me an email at Aquamiki@protonmail.com and let me know! I'll add things about any commercial or doujin/indie otome games as long as I deem them to be of high enough quality. Japanese or English. I won't include links to any mobile otome game related things unless I see it as a particularly stand-out game.

JP Company/Brand Websites! Note: these are just the ones that are still alive.
Ruby Party
The official homepage for everything Neoromance!
Otomate The Otomate homepage.
Konami (Girl's Side) Technically this is just for a specific series and not a brand but Konami doesn't have a page dedicated to their otome games. R.I.P. the Meine Liebe and TeniPuri game websites.
Rejet You can find some otome games if you sift through all the music and drama CDs.
Honeybee I guess they're still kind of alive. Maybe?
Takuyo Don't die on us now, Takuyo...!
Karin Entertainment I hope you won't give up on making consumer otome games.
Primula Primula's website. They haven't made that many games yet, support them!
Broccoli Broccoli's website. Scroll down a bit to see banner links to the individual websites for all their otome games.
Extend Extend's website. Sidekicks is pretty cool, looking forward to Bustafellows.
D3 Publisher They've published a lot of otome games over the years.
Spike Chunsoft
(Kenka Bancho Otome)
Again, a specific series and not a brand, but they don't really make any other otome games that I know of.
EN Companies These are mainly(currently all) Localisation companies.
Mangagamer In my opinion the highest quality localisations(maybe not the highest quality in choice of games but what can ya do?). BIG WARNING to be careful if you're not of legal age to be viewing adult content there's a lot of that on Mangagamer's website.
Aksys Games The quality of some of the localisations are pretty questionable but they've localised quite a few Otomate titles.
XSEED Games They localised Eikoku Tantei Mysteria.
Otome Resources/Misc Sites!

Misty's World
The website of another otome games fan right here on Neocities! Has a page with recommendations for English localised otome games, a page about the Diabolik Lovers series, and a blog in which she writes about various localised titles!

Marfisa's Angelique
Tons of great English Language resources on the original Angelique game series. Lots of information, translations, and even artbook scans.
English Otome Games Lists like every otome game available in English. Both Localised games and original English language games.
VNDB VNDB feels to me like something that's just second nature that people would know of, but I guess that isn't always the case. Contains information for nearly every visual novel and otome game that exists, and the companies and people that make them. I don't know what I would do without it.

Arcadia Online
A fansite for the otome game Period Cube!

Otome Games.com
Old and very outdated otome games fansite/informational site. It's a great look into the past. Like an otome time capsule.
Angelique: Holy Palace A cute little Angelique fansite.
Minitokyo/Angelique This site has tons of high quality Angelique art and magazine scans. Some of them I hadn't seen anywhere else before!