Welcome to my internet webspace! I'm Miki and I'm the webmaster of this little corner of the World Wide Web.

This website was made on a 1920x1080 computer monitor and is made to be viewed on PC monitors. It is not mobile friendly.

The main thing I'm using this netspace for right now is just a place to write about my interests. What are my interests you may ask? I'll tell you! The first and foremost of my interests is otome games! I love 2D joseimuke media. I also watch anime sometimes.

I'm particularly obsessed with the Neoromance games and they have consumed my life.

Also if you couldn't tell, the background and color palette of this site is loosely themed after my husband, Clavis.

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2020/10/04 -
links - new linkback buttons, added fansites section with new fansite link.
home - updated currently watching, updated currently playing, moved contact info to about page.
about - rearranged favorite nijisanji section, added contact info section.
new journal entry

2020/09/02 -
new journal entry

2020/08/15 -
links - linkback button added. (very late)
home - updated currently playing.
new journal entry

2020/08/08 -
new journal entry

2020/08/01 -
new journal entry

2020/07/30 -
home - removed other social media presences box. moved discord contact where email is. removed 1st year anniversary message.
links - added linkback buttons.
about - changed writing in about me section. cleaned other favorites section.

2020/07/28 -
new journal entry

2020/07/24 -
home - updated boxes to the right

2020/07/21 -
links - new linkbacks
about - added a section in favorites for my favorite nijisanjis
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2020/07/10 -
journal entry.

2020/05/08 -
links - removed dead websites, other general cleanup.

2020/05/07 -
fixed broken images and removed fanlistings on links page.
added new fanlistings page in misc.

2020/05/06 -
archived 2019 website updates
made the misc page less terribly boring

2020/05/05 -
another journal entry

2020/05/01 -
journal entry

2020/04/28 -
added new website link to links

2020/04/27 -
new journal entry

2020/04/04 -
new journal entry
site-id tcg page added!
changed masto link to my new pleroma acc

2020/04/02 -
uhm its been a while and i forgot to keep track of what ive updated so
new journal entry
new button links on links page
new ffxiv page
added an extra line of text in the about me section of my about page
a bunch of other little things

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