Welcome to my internet webspace! I'm Miki and I'm the webmistress of this little corner of the World Wide Web.

This website was made on a 1920x1080 computer monitor and is made to be viewed on PC monitors. It is not mobile friendly.

The main thing I'm using this netspace for right now is just a place to write about my interests. What are my interests you may ask? I'll tell you! The first and foremost of my interests is otome games! I love 2D joseimuke media. I also watch anime sometimes.

I'm particularly obsessed with the Neoromance games and they have consumed my life.

Also if you couldn't tell, the background and color palette of this site is loosely themed after my husband, Clavis.

The English localisation of the first in the series of Taisho Alice which are some of my very favorite otome games has just been released on Steam!! PLEASE BUY IT AND SUPPORT THE RELEASE!!! If it doesn't sell well enough they might not localise the rest of the games! ;-;
Episode 1 is really good, and Episode 2 and 3 of Taisho Alice are two of my favorite otome games ever.
In conclusion, please buy it.

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