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Miki's Otome Game Pages

Otome games are romance games, usually novel games, for girls and women that feature a female protagonist and male romantic interest/s. They originate from Japan and the term otome (乙女) means maiden. So they're maiden games, or games for maidens!

Here's some buttons that link to my otome games related pages!

While you're here check out my Haruka 7 page. I don't know where else to link it! I'll figure that out later!!

I'm currently playing:

2019/08/17 -
Changed currently playing. Updated my list of played otome games. News update.

2019/08/08 -
Created haruka7.html

2019/07/21 -
Updated currently playing.

2019/06/30 -
Updated currently playing.

2019/06/25 -
Created otomenews.html

2019/06/23 -
Updated otomelinks.html because I'm a massive dummy and totally forgot about one of Konami's otome series.

2019/06/22 -
Made otomelinks.html finally.

2019/06/20 -
Finally finished the Haruka 3 playlog.

2019/06/19 -
Added this updates log.

2019/06/18 -
Added Harukanaru 3, Corda 3: AnotherSky Jinnan to played otome.