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"Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for gathering today! It is I, the one and only Leos Vincent! Let us have a fun stream together today."

Name Leos Vincent
Nicknames/aliases Hakase, Vin-san, Vin-chan, Leo-chan
Age 29 (legally 32)
Birthday 03/08
Occupation Mad Scientist
Height 180cm
Image colour #234A87
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Official introductory text
Nijisanji official website
A mad scientist researching suspicious medicines and drugs day by day. It is said that the sound of explosions can be heard from his research room everyday.
Youtube Channel description
Nijisanji Affliated virtual liver, [Leos Vincent] and [Mameneko]. Looking for test subjects for daily experiments. Reward: a small amount of compassion.
Twitter Bio
Looking for test subjects for human experimentation. Reward: a small amount of compassion.

My thoughts about him:
I think he is a very interesting, weird, and cool person.
His hobbies include art and drawing, fitness/working out, video games, reading manga, traveling around Japan, motorbikes and cars, and eating food. He really likes food.

He's known for being loud, silly, and a bit weird on stream. Despite his occasional tendency to procrastinate and underestimate how long it takes him to finish something, he is actually quite serious and stoic about his activities as a vtuber.
He's dedicated to being entertaining and has said that whenever he thinks something fell flat he writes it down and reflects on what he could have done differently.
He's also somewhat of a pervert. He loves genderbend stuff, including of himself and will fervently seek out fanart of himself as a woman.

Does he know English?:
No, he only speaks Japanese.

What kind of streams does he do?:
He is a variety streamer. Mostly only game streams. He streams all sorts of games from modern to more retro titles. Though he rarely ever streams FPS games. (which i really appreciate about him because fps games are sooooo boring.)

What streams/content has he been doing lately? (last edit: 2024/06/12):
He started playing Monster Hunter World for the first time and has been streaming that. He has also started streaming Pokemon Fire Red with handicaps similar to Nuzlocke but not exactly the same. Sometimes one-off streams of currently trending games. Also the occasional collab stream mainly with other Nijisanji livers.

He is also part of a group called Nanajigen Seitokai (7th Dimension Student Council) Alongside other Nijisanji Livers Kanae, Higuchi Kaede, Ryushen, Saegusa Akina, and Suo Sango. Basically an official highschool AU. They release content every Wednesday, Normally a variety video on the group's youtube channel, or a photo or comic of the members on their official twitter account

He is also the narrator of the official programme Game-LU? Game-Ru! hosted by Yorumi Rena, Amamiya Kokoro, and Matsukai Mao. It is uploaded to the Nijisanji youtube channel every Wednesday.

He has become a regular on the variety show Kinyoubi no Metaverse (Official Twitter) which airs on TV Asahi at 12:45 AM every Friday night. The other regulars of the show are the comedy duo モグライダー (Moguraida-, Mogurider?), and the talent Hashiyasume Atsuko. It's a variety show about the virtual world. Officially the show can only be watched in Japan, but there are ways. If any Leos fans who do not reside in Japan reading this need help to watch it please send me an email to the address on my about page and I can help you.
There is also a weekly podcast connected to the show that Leos talks by himself about his thoughts and feelings of each episode's filming. And short weekly videos of bits that weren't including in the final airing of the show. Both the podcasts and the outtake videos can be watched on TV Asahi's official Youtube channel.

Recommended Streams or just streams i really like


First Stream [Leos Vincent/Nijisanji]
(date: 2021/07/22)

Usually I don't feel that the first streams of vtubers are substantial or entertaining enough to be recommended to someone who may have never watched said vtuber before. But Leos's is a special case. It's so funny and such a disaster. Full of so many aspects of him that I like.
It was very fun having my expectations of him shattered in a good way watching it realtime.


Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts No-Con Clear Endurance [Leos Vincent/Nijisanji]
(date: 2021/07/23)

An absolute classic you can't go wrong with.
Who the heck does something like this for their second ever stream?

笹木咲とレオス・ヴィンセントがCPUボコボコにするようです。【マリオパーティ スーパースターズ】

It seems Sasaki Saku and Leos Vincent are going to beat up some CPUs. [Mario Party: Superstars]
(date: 2021/11/13)

Leos and Saku's second collab together.
They're so funny together I love their collabs so much, and this is my favorite one. Their chemistry together is so great, they're alike in a bunch of ways and get along so well... I could watch them bicker together forever.
Also it's funny seeing the 29 year old man getting beat up and jeered at by a teenage girl.

Panel de Pon

(date: 2024/02/12)

I like watching him play this game a lot it is like a baby sensory video to me. Cute puzzle game with cute colourful visuals and cute satisfying sound effects + cute oshi.

Game stream series I really like
(Just the first parts will be linked.)

Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Link to artwork featured in the thumbnail
(date: 2022/03/25)

I just really like his streams of this game. I like watching him play platformer games it's comforting somehow and these are my favourite. Kirby is cute and he is cute too.

Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 3rd Story

(date: 2023/02/08)

My oshi plays an otome game. He took the fashion aspect of the game really seriously and was meticulous picking his outfits for dates in the game it was really fun to watch. Since he isn't really that genuinely interested in the pretty boy characters sometimes it feels more like a highschool girl simulator than a romance game, which I think is fun too.
Like with his playthrough of GS3, he keeps a good balance of occasionally goofing on some silly aspects of the game, but being fair and appreciating the good parts of it. Makes me relieved as an otome gamer. (some people (mostly men) love being overly harsh towards women's media for no good reason. my oshi would never.)

Rakugaki Oukoku

(date: 2023/06/22)

Rakugaki Oukoku is a PS2 game that you create/draw creatures in 3D and have your creatures or "doodles" fight the doodles of other characters in the game. Leos played the game normally creating normal doodles until he unlocked the option that makes parts you draw have jiggle physics... After that it became a game of him fighting against the limitations of a PS2 game's creature creator to great the cutest and sexiest girls possible. That game's creature creator is only intended for making silly little cartoon-y monsters, he really stretched its limits... Really fun to watch though and I think the girls he made are really cute.

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