Links to stuff

This is where I'll leave links to various different things. They might be things related to me, or they might just be cool neat things I find and want to share! If you want to go back to the main page just click on the website title image.
If you've put my link button on your site and I haven't linked you back, or haven't moved you to mutuals, it's just because I haven't noticed! Please let me know and I'll add your link!

Site Buttons!

Sites of other otome gamers!!


TrashParadise Calei planet sarah LiterallyHifumi Koinuko

Other cool Neocities sites!

quartz_ osc_ hangout
Baldora Station

Other site buttons!

Here's some links to other websites that either don't have buttons or I thought they were important enough to link twice. Listed probably just in the order I found them. Sorted into a few different categories.

Marfisa's Angelique English Angelique fansite with tons of info on the series(old and outdated but still plenty on the original series)
My World of Text Write something in here! Anything you want. Just remember to be nice!
ShoujoDreams.neocities Really nice pixel art and music.
Penny's Pages A bunch of info about Neocities and some of its community history.
Itazuraneko's 日本語 Tons of Japanese language learning resources.
Neocities Discord Servers A list of Discord servers made by Neocitizens.
A link directory with a focus on anime and anime fandom related websites.
Fansites & Shrine Pages
Happy Coincidence A page dedicated to Akagi from the otome game Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 2nd.
Detawane (jp) Unofficial fansite for the Nijisanji Liver Saegusa Akina.
Toukosuko (jp) Page with lots of buttons that play Kenmochi Touya audio clips. (good site name)
Mayuzumi Button (jp) Page with lots of buttons that play Mayuzumi Kai audio clips.
Graphics Sites
glittertextmaker Site I used for the sparkly text gifs in my site's header.
glitter-graphics So many nice retro web gifs.
Weredyke.tumblr Some nice blinkies.
Bloodbunniez.tumblr Same as above.
glittertextisgroovy.tumblr ^
Lots of retro anime and video game gifs.
Cute sozai. (jp)
Sozai. (jp)
OKUMONO A site with lots of sozai intended for use by streamers (mainly vtubers). Could be used for website stuff too maybe? (jp)
Other Sites
LeoMabu Twitter archive Translations + tons of additional info on the Sarazanmai anime's Leo & Mabu Twitter account
Handcoded HTML Did you code your site's HTML all by hand?
Succubox Little idle clicker game. A lot of clicking in the beginning but the idle aspect picks up after unlocks.
Archived Sites
Alex's The Heroic Legend of Arslan Website about the light novel and anime OVA.
Alex's Ai no Kusabi Refer to description of the previous link but it's Ai no Kusabi instead.
The Yaoi Shrine An old site with tons of BL stuff. The art book scans are really interesting to see.
MAML Personal Anime Pages Tons of archived (and not archived) old personal websites of anime fans.
Koala's Collection Can't think of a description whatever check it out.

Otome Buttons!

Here's some buttons of otome games I've played! Sadly this is all of them since a lot of the games I've played don't have official buttons.