Leos Vincent

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"Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for gathering today! It is I, the one and only Leos Vincent! Let us have a fun stream together today."

Name Leos Vincent
Nicknames/aliases Hakase, Vin-san, Vin-haka, Vin-chan
Age 29
Birthday 03/08
Occupation >Mad Scientist
Height 180cm
Image colour #234A87
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Official introductory text
Nijisanji official website
A mad scientist researching suspicious medicines and drugs day by day. It is said that the sound of explosions can be heard from his research room everyday.
Youtube Channel description
Nijisanji Affliated virtual liver, [Leos Vincent] and [Mameneko]. Looking for test subjects for daily experiments. Reward: a small amount of compassion.
Twitter Bio
Looking for test subjects for human experimentation. Reward: a small amount of compassion.

A more accurate description (Author: me)
Stinky old man.
An old man who lives way out in the countryside. His hobbies include art and drawing, fitness/working out, video games, manga/anime, traveling, motorbikes and cars, and eating food.
Always loud, goofy, and energetic on stream. Made a big buzz at his debut when his first stream became an apology stream due to nothing being finished from his poor foresight. And then the next day doing a no-continues completion endurance stream of Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts.
A bit of a perfectionist in regards to his vtuber activities, he's always trying his best to be entertaining. When he doesn't mess up because of his awful foresight and procrastination...

Does he know English?
The man can hardly even read Katakana.

Recommended Streams


First Stream [Leos Vincent/Nijisanji]
(date: 2021/07/22)

Usually I don't feel that the first streams of vtubers are substantial or entertaining enough to be recommended to someone who may have never watched said vtuber before. But Leos's is a special case. It's so funny and such a disaster. Full of so many aspects of him that I like.
It was very fun having my expectations of him shattered in a good way watching it realtime.


Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts No-Con Clear Endurance [Leos Vincent/Nijisanji]
(date: 2021/07/23)

An absolute classic you can't go wrong with.
Who the heck does something like this for their second ever stream?

笹木咲とレオス・ヴィンセントがCPUボコボコにするようです。【マリオパーティ スーパースターズ】

It seems Sasaki Saku and Leos Vincent are going to beat up some CPUs. [Mario Party: Superstars]
(date: 2021/11/13)

Leos and Saku's second collab together.
They're so funny together I love their collabs so much, and this is my favorite one. Their chemistry together is so great, they're alike in a bunch of ways and get along so well... I could watch them bicker together forever.
Also it's funny seeing the 29 year old man getting beat up and jeered at by a teenage girl.


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