Yumeoi Kakeru

Yumeoi is going to be holding a 3D live online concert to celebrate his birthday on the 28th at 21 JST! Please come and watch him!

Picture of Yumeoi Kakeru
"Hello, good evening, and good morning, whatever time it is to you watching the archive, I don't know. Chasing my dreams for 28 years, I'm the virtual singer songwriter Yumeoi Kakeru."
Name Yumeoi Kakeru
Nickname Yumeo
Age 28 (age at debut: 26)
Birthday 06/28(!!!)
Occupation Singer songwriter
Height 175cm
Bloodtype A
Image colour #AC324B
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Official introductory text
A 28 year old musician with a loud voice. He started streaming to attract visitors to his livehouse on the verge of collapsing. He's bad at playing instruments but good at writing songs and singing, and his dream is for his music to be heard by people all over the world.
Since he has no money he lives in the livehouse, and spends night after night surviving on fried beansprouts.

Yumeoi Kakeru 1st Prelude EP
JP title: 絵空事への入り口 (Ezoragoto e no Iriguchi)
EN title: The Entrance to the Empty Dream

Yumeoi Kakeru's first EP which includes all of the original songs he's made up to now!

Track List
# JP title EN title
1 死にたくないから生きている Dying To Live
2 弱きに寄り添う Align With The Weak
3 人より上手に Better Than Someone Else
4 僕のあたまから出ていけ Get Out Of My Head
5 大嫌いだ I .... You
6 青空を睨む Gaze into the sky

Release date: 2021/06/29!
Links to places you can buy/stream it (when it's released)
please support him chasing his dreams

Streams: talking, singing, video game playthroughs, 作業(working?), various kinds of collabs with other vtubers both within and outside of Nijisanji

Videos: Original songs, song covers, video game playthroughs

Probably important question for people who know little to no Japanese; does he know any English?
Answer: yes! He's really good at English. He's not very confident in his English so he doesn't speak it that much (and he doesn't get many English speaker viewers so there isn't much need to usually anyway) but he can read and potentially respond to English comments!

Recommended Streams

Here are some stream archives I think might be good starting points to watching him.

Talking Streams -
(2hr 58min)
Technically it's a working stream but it is one of his working streams that he actually hardly does any work and just talked the whole time. Yumeo with his terrible sleep schedule trying to stay awake after staying up all night playing Genshin to fix his sleep. Very good English subbed clip from this stream.

Game Streams -
(2hr 06min) (part 1 of 3)
Game: Good Job!
Yumeo having fun breaking things and taking out his frustrations towards office working society.

That one is a bit of an older stream now, if you would be more interested in something more recent there's his MOTHER2 (Earthbound), New Pokemon Snap, or Nier: Automata streams which I thought were all fun.

Collabs -
(1hr 04min)
title: [#Yumeoi's_desperate_predicament] Will Yumeoi Kakeru Survive?
Yumeo getting relentless bullied by three crazy women and one crazy otokonoko.
Participants: Inuyama Tamaki (host), Yumeoi Kakeru, Kagura Mea, Hoshikawa Sara, Fumino Tamaki.

(3hr 17min) (part 1 of 2)
Game: It takes two
Yumeo and Shirayuri Lily having fun and maintaining a professional distance between each other while playing as a married couple. Yumeshira teetee. I love their collabs. In addition I will link two English subbed clips from other collabs of theirs that I think are very funny.

Personal opinion rambling time:
Yumeo is one of my four oshi (favorites) and I care him very much. There's a lot of things relatable to me about him; how he's prone to negative thinking, his introvertedness, how he physically cannot keep a consistent sleep schedule, his favorite anime (Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live!!!), how much of a shipper he is (more accurately 関係性オタク), and just a lot of general similar tastes. And also he's so funny and good at talking, and he's so strong and he's trying his best to chase his dreams and he's gotten more confident since starting and has actually started thinking a bit more positively lately I may be a newer fan who wasn't around for the earlier days but it still makes me happy. He's a good boy and I like him.

Also I just feel like mentioning the rather specific thing that was a big factor in him becoming one of my oshi. Of course it's only one of the many things I like about him now but it's the thing that initially sparked my interest. Not gonna bother explaining it in English since it's something you probably won't get anyway if you don't know Japanese.

This page isn't finished yet, particularly visually. I just wanted to get it done before his birthday, so expect update/s (maybe).

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