welcome to Miki's about page!! ようこそ! ^0^

about the webmaster Hello, I'm Miki!! I'm a mysterious formless entity that exists solely on the internet. I like Japanese otaku subculture girls' media. I'm very shy and and get really nervous from social interactions and situations but I still love meeting and talking to those who share similar interests.
I love cute things, I love girly and feminine things. Pink and sparkles are great. My favorite drink is hot chocolate with a dash of coffee and plenty of milk in it.

Also I love cute anime boys, especially when they're together with cute anime girls, and that's probably the most important thing to know about me tbh.

about my site I started this website out of a fondness for old internet and computer aesthetic mostly. I didn't really browse the internet much in the time that personal websites were popular, but I wish I had.
When I started this site I knew absolutely nothing of HTML and CSS. I thought I would get bored of it incredibly quickly and abandon the site, but surprisingly I haven't. (though I haven't been updating it as frequently as of late)

I love making this website because it allows me to truly leave my mark somewhere on the internet. A mark that's 100% me, created and coded all by myself.

Email: aquamiki@disroot.org
MSN/Escargot: aquamiki@protonmail.com
Discord: Miki#9790

Feel free to contact me for any reason. Whether you have a problem with something, want to ask a question, or just chat. I don't mind. Heads up that I won't accept friend requests on Discord if I don't recognise your name from here or somewhere else.
favorite otome games
Angelique Tenkuu no Requiem, Corda 3: AnotherSky, Black Wolves Saga(both), Taisho Alice: Episode II.
mobage i still sometimes play
Touken Ranbu, Granblue Fantasy, (subcategory mobage i wish i could still play: Band Yarouze, Yumeiro Cast, Shin'en Resist)
favorite anime
King of Prism(both movies), Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live, Rakugo Shinjuu, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, Mawaru Penguindrum, Katanagatari, Princess Tutu, Rokuhoudou, Hugtto Precure, Escaflowne, Dynamic Chord.
other favorites
Final Fantasty XIV, Vampire Hunter D(book series), Miyashita Yuu(utaite/singer), Vinny Vinesauce(streamer)
Mayuzumi Kai, Fushimi Gaku, Kenmochi Touya, Yumeoi Kakeru, everyone else
(kinda outdated)
favorite series

favorite character
Clavis (Angelique)

favorite characters from each series
Angelique: Clavis
Harukanaru: Rizuvan (Haruka 3)
Kin'iro no Corda: Myouga (Corda 3-4)
Geten no Hana: Ranmaru

favorite pairings
Angelique: Clavis/Colette, Clavis/Limogues, Olivie/Limogues, Queen/Dia, Limogues/Rosalia(Special 2 and after)
Harukanaru: Tomomori/Nozomi, Rizuvan/Nozomi, Atsumori/Nozomi, Masaomi/Nozomi
Kin'iro no Corda: Myouga/Kanade, Nia/Kanade
Geten no Hana: Ranmaru/Hotaru

favorite platonic pairings (friendships/rivalries/etc)
Angelique: Clavis & Lumiale, Clavis & Julious, Ernst & Mel, Randy&Zephel&Marcel, Oscar & Olivie
Harukanaru: Kagetoki & Yoritomo, Kurou & Yasuhira, Kurou & Rizuvan, Atsumori & Tsunemasa, all the heike together, Toudou & Man
Kin'iro no Corda: the Shiseikan boys, Amane Hakodate main cast

favorite songs
Angelique: 陽は沈み、また昇る, オプティミストは奇跡を起こす, 空曜日, 君のためにここにいる, 夜の少し手前で, 千年の約束(ルフラン), 耳を澄まして, Love Express, 黄金のアルカディア, 新しい夏に会いに行こう, You gotta shake it, Goin' My Speedway, あした、羽ばたく, 光の翼, Beautiful Night, 市場にて, I don't know how 〜世界でいちばん大切な君に〜, 愛の眠る場所, 水のアリア, 三人のテーブル 〜Sweet Flower Garden〜, 夢か?うつつか?, 白夜, ありのまま、君のまま, 終わらないHigh Noon, 永遠のカレンダー, 夢幻の夜に鍵をかけて, DING DONG 君を好きになる
(i'm sorry i just love so many Angelique songs)
Harukanaru: 裏切り者の悲愴な叫び, 濁流のほとり 清流の淵, 邂逅の光よ, 終わりのなき誓言よ, 秘やかな思惑
Kin'iro no Corda: SUMMER BOYS!!!, SWEET LESSON, Heart Killer, Heart Stealer