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This is the page that I put links to interesting pages.

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↓Mutual linkback websites
Calei planet sarah LiterallyHifumi Koinuko ORPHANIMKEI ORPHANIMKEI mars 2027 The Simple Site Mothcore Misty's Cyber Cafe Baja Blasphemy cabbagesorter Lover's Moon

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↓Interesting websites
World of Text → My World of Text page. Think of it like a freeform guestbook and write whatever.
Marfisa's Angelique → Outdated fansite for the Angelique game series. Still lots of cool info there.
Japanese Holy Bible → The Bible in Japanese. Both old and new testiment. As well as the text there's audio recordings for all of it. I like how old the audio sounds, feels like you're listening to an old radio broadcast or something.
↓Graphics/Sozai websites
i'll add links here later
↓Other personal websites I liked
Paviinka SADGIRL.ONLINE space mountain land DOKODEMO Peachy's RPG Page tinypaws Cyberblank nenetl Glittertown Elven Forest
Baldora Station
Shōwa 40s JNR