Mehyi'sae Zapyhe (maiden name: Yasuhne)

This is a page dedicated to my Final Fantasy XIV character!
He was originally named after my former favorite otome game boy who's also a catboy! I came up with the lore-friendly name for him later on. In my head he's Mehyi'sae, but I don't want to pay for a name change so he's still Yulian in-game. His name was officially changed ingame after getting married! And he took his husband's surname.
He's on the US world Faerie!

He's not level cap yet, I don't play the game very seriously, I mainly just use it as a dress-up game so I can put Mehyi'sae in cute outfits and all the questing and dungeons and stuff is just extra, haha.

Now please appreciate these screenshots of my love. (don't judge my taste in outfits too much please)

Update 2019/10/26!
I gave him a haircut not too long ago and he looks so great with it!

Got a different face/makeup mod and changed his eye texture! Also played with shaders.

Pictures from the wedding!! (taken by Lovi)

Their matching surnames.....

Mehyi's old look!

Duo/group photos

Featured: my friend Lovi's old character

Featured: Milk, Lovi, and Claire's characters

Featured: Lovi and Max's characters

Now here's some slightly gay undertones(more like overtones) screenshots with him and my friend Lovi's character