Final Fantasy XIV
Dedicated Page
Hey. This is my page for FFXIV! I used to have it just as a page dedicated specifically to my character, which can still be found here as a no longer updated archive. So basically I don't want to have a page entirely dedicated to my character anymore because 1. I want to take about other things about the game on the page and 2. I've started fantasia'ing (race changing) a lot so my character has been changing all the time!

So now I am going to start with my ingame info!

Ingame name: Barbie Princess-doll (don't judge)
World: Light DC, Odin
Race/gender: Catboy
Main role: DPS because I'm a baby who can't handle responsibility
Main class: Dancer because I'm dumb
Crafting?: no
Gathering?: I have botany at level cap
Marriage: My character is married to my friend's lovely catgirl

I don't know if I'll keep updating it but I think I'll put a little mini ffxiv blog in here for short entries.

i'm leveling summoner right now. i really didn't like it at lower levels but it's actually becoming pretty fun. i guess that's the case with a lot of classes though. anyway i really like the outfits, and i love the casting animation at later levels. the ones for outburst and when you unlock ruin III. so good.

Pictures of my character:

I might add in pictures of my old characters at some point because I still love them too.