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Too many songs on the Spotify Angelique character songs playlist
Entry #1 - Home. Angelique
It's been a few days since I've updated again. Some of those days due to being over in England for like 4(?) days. That trip was mostly nothing but boredom, stress, and overheating so I'm very glad to be back.

I was keeping good for a little while about not playing too many otome games at once, but that's ended now. I get distracted way too easily.

I've been checking out the PS1/PSX releases of the older Angelique games. I played PS1 Angelique Duet a lot during my trip on my phone. I can't compare that one to the other releases though because I haven't played the Sega Saturn and DS versions. I only played through to the end of the intros of Special and Special 2 but those releases seem the same as the PC-FX versions.

The Tenkuu no Requiem PS1 release is actually very different from the PC-FX one. The intro that plays every time you start the PC-FX version seems to be gone. Which is such a shame. It's such a cool intro with nice stills, music, and even some voice acting towards the end of it. It also gives some backstory on the game's villain and why he's come to the main Angelique cosmos. Maybe it's just my bad memory but there seem to be some changes to the story as well. It still flows the same but with little differences. Also the graphics are updated(a lot more pixels) and the UI's been changed around a bunch.

I still enjoy how much of a stark difference in tone there is between Special 2 and Tenkuu. Even the color palette is more subdued.

While I was playing Tenkuu I got to an area that I really love the music of, and so I went and looked if there was a way to get the game's soundtrack. While looking I came across this really old looking official listing of all of the Angelique CDs ever released. Tenkuu's OST is there. I then got super distracted with checking out all of the CDs on the listing. I really want the Vocal Complete Box that has like every vocal Angelique song(152) previously released. But also 17,000 yen is a lot of money. Someday...

I really want the Angelique side story drama CD series. And their soundtracks. I'm sooooo curious what happens in them. The soundtracks to them seem like they'll be so nice as well. I found two songs from one of the soundtracks uploaded on Youtube. I really love this one. It's so beautiful and soothing and atmospheric. The other one is spooky and pretty neat.

Also pardon my language but what the FUCK is happening in the cover of the OST of the 3rd side story series????

Oscar what HAPPENED TO YOU?! This does not look like art for an otome series. And that's why I kind of love it.

I kinda have more to say but I want to cut the post off here because it's probably way too long already, haha.

P.S. Remember to check out my Mastodon account if you want to see me rambling about things for whatever reason. I'm actually still using it, believe it or not.

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An Embrace of Sorrow - Animamundi OST
Entry #1 - Hello again
Feels like it's been forever since I updated this site wow.

I finished playing Animamundi a little while ago. And The shrine page I made for it should be posted either about now or very soon. Check it out please if you haven't already.

I've also already finished Princess Nightmare (the otome game Karin released after Animamundi) and I've moved on to playing Karin's next game, Danzai no Maria. I'm just kind of going through playing all their games in chronological order right now.

Why have I been away? I was just a tiny bit busy with some real life stuff, felt like doing nothing with my free time other than binge read Karin games.

I dunno if I'm gonna keep updating really actively again now. We'll see. But I'm definitely alive and haven't suddenly died or anything.

Really need to update my sitemap...

I'm just getting rid of this section next time.

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Animamundi's OP
Entry #1 - Graduation
Eating Chinese takeout noodles right now. Decided to try spicy instead of medium this time since the medium is pretty mild. It's good but also my mouth burns.

I graduated today. Wearing the robe was pretty cool I felt like some sort of wizard.
... I'm an adult.
There was a professional photographer there and I had my picture taken with my family. My mom is so short the photographer went and got a box for her to stand on.

Ceremony itself was very long and boring. There was a musical intermission halfway through though. Students from the local music and drama college played three songs. It was a real fun little ensemble of a saxophone, trombone, tuba, and drummer.

When I walked onto the stage, the man who read out all the graduates names pronounced both my first name and my last name wrong. I'm so used to it now I just laugh. I understand people mispronouncing my first name all the time since it's a weird way of spelling the name, but my last name is spelled exactly like it's pronounced I don't understand why people always have such a hard time with it???

In other news, Heading over to [REDACTED] tomorrow. It's like a 3 hour drive. I hate long drives since I get motion sickness so woohoo. Staying overnight at a relative's place over there. I'm going to miss my computer so much. It's only a short time but my computer is my life.

I'm officially a NEET for the time being now, end my life..................

I should just get rid of this mood section it's never important...

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Entry #1 - Evening : Title
I've still been using Mastodon so far. Hecking follow me and join in with me and the other fellow Neocitizens using it.

Still playing Animamundi. I've been reading it so much I physically cannot stop. I'm really loving it. It's so neat. I'm actually learning... About alchemy... Like real alchemy practices and not the kinda stuff that I remember being in Full Metal Alchemist.

I've only just met him but I would die for Germant.

Also it has some very reaction image worthy quotes

I need to watch more magical girl anime... I must come back to you Precure... I also started watching Sailor Moon for the first time, and Creamy Mami as well. There's too many good magical girl shows and way too little time.

Just gotta say Star Twinkle Precure's ED is amazing. I love it too much.

Also I'm loving how in the Japanese otome games community on Twitter it became a bit of a meme how much death there is in otome games because of this one tweet written by someone who's only been playing them for half a year and got really shocked by it. They initially thought it was just gonna be nothing but being all flirty and lovey-dovey with the boys. That poor innocent soul. Them in the last image expressing their shock that no one died in Variable Barricade is great.

That tweet is funny but I love the one someone made a few days later about otome made by Rejet. The last image in the tweet about Black Wolves Saga kills me every time I look at it again. The person just screaming "EVERYONE DIES~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!" is so great.

The Black Wolves Saga games are some of favorite otome games and I've played the first game twice so I remember very well how much dang dying happens. What a classic.


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Santuario ~Clepsydra remix~
Entry #1 - Night : Mastodon, no money, and Animamundi
I've been meaning to for a while, but seeing Melodicake make a Mastodon profile got me to finally make my own. Here's a link to it. Feel free to give me a follow. Maybe I'll actually use it, or maybe it will just end up dead. We'll see. If I do use it it'll probably just end up being a bit like a mini extension of this blog, or something like that.

While looking around VNDB as I sometimes tend to do when I'm bored. I found an interesting looking otome game I really want to play. Sadly any not-legitimate downloads for it I could find were long dead, and I can't afford to buy it right now.

So I'm finally playing Animamundi instead.

It's been so long since the last time I've played a VN that isn't an otome game. I'm really enjoying it so far though. I love Georik, Germant, and Mikhail a lot already. The three of them have such a great dynamic together.

The entire aesthetic of the whole game is so gothic from the character designs to the backgrounds, the music, the damn UI design too. It's so nice.

I couldn't find a download of the actual Clepsydra game, but I found one of the soundtrack, so I've just been listening to the full opening song a bunch. It's really nice.

Pretty okay.

Music of the day:
裏切り者の悲愴な叫び - Kagetoki / Inoue Kazuhiko (JP Spotify)
Entry #1 - Evening : Neocites broken, and mobage

Thanks, Kyle.

Otome Yuusha

It's not really particularly good, but I'm still playing it.

Okay now before you go mentioning about how I said I never play otome mobage. That's really just referring to the novel-type ones. The ones that have some sort of gameplay like this one, Yume100, and Yumeiro Cast(maybe it rest in peace) are a different kettle of fish. And are fine in my books.

But yeah, Otome Yuusha. The main story has been pretty dull so far, and it's only partial voice which is kinda lame. The gameplay is pretty repetitive, and not the fun kind of repetitive. I wish they had gone for just moreso standard RPG combat rather than this weird race battle stuff. Also I do not like Live2D. Live2D needs to stop. The Live2D in Otome Yuusha is probably one of the worse examples of it too.

Also I still do not very much like Kurahana Chinatsu's artstyle. Kurahana's name is quite known among otome fans(and BL game names under a different alias) but people more recently would probably know her as the character designer for the new upcoming Fire Emblem game. I can't really pinpoint exactly what I don't like about it. I just don't really like it. I do quite like some of the actual designs of the characters and their outfits and such, but the artstyle...

I honestly don't know why I'm still bothering with the game.

Actually no. I do know.

It's the damn elf's fault.
A warm and soft sleepy child-like boy(elven man over a thousand years old).
Matthias is pretty good too.

I don't know how long just a fondness for two of the characters will keep me playing the game, but we'll see.

Also I watched a bit of the archive of the livestream that happened right before Otome Yuusha relaunched. Inoue Kazuhiko is so cute.

Also Granblue Fantasy.

I used to be pretty obsessed with that game but not really anymore. The new ongoing story event is fun though. I haven't finished reading it quite yet but what I've read so far has been great. Granblue always has such good events.

The event is like a stupid cheesy shark movie. And it's great seeing a bunch of the WMTSB(What Makes The Sky Blue) characters again.

The single best part of it is probably Lucio though.

Cygames made Sakurai Takahiro say "I'm poopie" in the most handsome sounding voice possible.

Also he says some... questionable things...

None of this would be quite as funny if Lucio were just some regular guy. But when you take into account that he's (vague WMTSB spoilers) a literal ancient god it gets quite a bit more funny.

In conclusion:


Music of the day:
Otome Yuusha BGM
Entry #1 - Midnight : Volunteering.
So on Monday I had gone together with my mother to the community centre to talk to someone there about volunteering, Like I had mentioned I would in a previous entry. The person there suggested I first begin with volunteering at the most relaxed weekly event they have there. The Coffee Morning gathering on Wednesday. I agreed. It's now Wednesday night after I had gone.

It was really so relaxed. I don't feel like I even did anything. I really didn't. My mom accompanied me again there but just as an attendee rather than a volunteer.

I wonder if it's normal for community centres in the city to be so full of colorful characters. There weren't even many people there and we were all at the same table but sometimes conversations got so chaotic that it was like a cacophony of voices.

Everyone was very nice despite their oddness though. Some of the people present were a very outspoken local woman apparently married to a Mexican man, a very nice excitable older woman in her 60s who seemed to possibly be on the Autistic spectrum(not my words, the manager said it), a Ukrainian woman(who was also very outspoken) who ended up talking a lot with(more like at) my mom about Ukrainian politics and seemed to very strongly believe in astrology and concepts like destiny, and an Iranian man who is an asylum seeker. There were a couple others who showed up later but I wasn't really able to get to know them much at all.

Even though I'm not good at talking with them, I do really enjoy being around eccentric people in short bursts. It's so interesting getting to know people so detached from yourself. Also it was scary hearing the Iranian man saying that he would probably be dead if he were still there. I really am lucky to have been born into the country I was born in.

Speaking of not good at talking, boy did I not talk much at all. I definitely ended up relying on my mom to explain things for me too much. It's really hard though. Whenever I'm around people who I'm not close to(and when I mean close I mean like immediate family level close) my mind just goes blank and I often have no idea what to say. Hopefully some day I can overcome this, but right now it's really not feeling hopeful... Believe it or not though I'm still better now than when I was a kid. I couldn't even say anything aloud at all around people outside my immediate family back then.

On the way home my mom asked me why I didn't talk much today. How am I supposed to answer that? It's the exact same reason as fricking always. It's okay though. We stopped by a takeout place on the way home and she treated me to fries that had masala spice on them. They were really tasty I love fries that have different spices on them and aren't just boring plain salt.

Even though that gathering was only two hours, I guess it was pretty mentally tiring for me. Shortly after getting home I laid down and napped for like 5 hours.

In other news, that mobage I mentioned previously, Otome Yuusha, has finally relaunched and I've been playing it. I'll probably talk about it later, I want to end things here for now.

Thank you for reading. :)


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Nothing today.
Entry #1 - Noon : This is so long. Oops.
Trying out a different way of naming the entries instead of just using what time it is. I think it's cooler and more mysterious this way. And also an entry title, wow.

I've been considering renaming/rebranding my site to just Miki's Oasis. Obviously I won't stop talking about otome since it's a bit part of my life, but I want it to be completely obvious that this is just my personal site and not like, an otome fansite or something.

I have an idea for how I might change the site's layout. I think I'm going to test it on my aboutme.html page. I'm not sure if I want that look for my entire site though. I might just keep that layout limited to that page and that's it. You'll get to see it eventually when I stop being lazy and actually put my ideas into effect.

All of these privacy oriented sites on Neocities kinda inspired me to switch to using the Pale Moon browser instead of Firefox. It's taking a little bit of getting used to. I can still use the Rikaichan extension on it so it's alright though. It's kind of weirding me out that it seems like the Japanese font on Twitter is different compared to Firefox. I wonder why?

I finally tried taking that one really popular personality test that a lot of people like to include the results in their profiles and talk about. I got ISTP-T. There were a lot of things in the description of it that rang pretty true to me, but also a lot that didn't. Maybe it's a bit inaccurate because I didn't take that much time thinking about my answers.

This part is very accurate though and not surprising at all.

Speaking of being introverted, I've sorta been isolating myself again the past few days. I don't know why I get the urge to isolate myself when I'm feeling lonely. A bit counterproductive, isn't it?

During this isolation I started watching/rewatching a bunch of old(and some slightly newer as well) BL anime OVAs. Mostly from the 90s. I just got a sudden urge to watch them for some reason. I'm honestly quite surprised at how many there are that I actually hadn't watched during my fujoshi phase.

A lot of them can get a bit nonsensical, and jump around a lot. Probably because they were more meant to be watched by people who had been reading the original manga. But I still enjoy them plenty regardless. I love BL from during that period in time that all/a lot of them were still serialised in shoujo magazines. The ones that were made before BL as a term and genre actually existed. Still so deeply rooted in shoujo with lots of classic shoujo tropes and aesthetic.

Ryokunohara no Labyrinth is VERY shoujo. Also its OP is so nice I really can't stop listening to it and rewatching it.

I couldn't really notice it when I was younger but a lot of these OVAs had such awful translations. There were so many lines in some of them that the translation is just completely wrong. The Aarinfantasy subs are all so bad.

Rest in peace.

Also how neat. I never noticed before that the Aarinfantasy website used to be hosted on Geocities.

Also I'm still playing AnotherSky Shiseikan. I hate Nagamine. I hated Nagamine. Why am I enjoying Nagamine's events? Why am I starting to like Nagamine?! I'm not planning on doing a playlog of the game since I never did one of Corda 3. But also mainly because the Haruka 3 playlog was so much work and I'm tired...

I really want to finish one playthrough of Shiseikan and move on to the Hakodate route in AnotherSky Amane before this month is over so I can (hopefully) have Nia and Kanade be girlfriends and talk about them before Pride month is over.


Music of the day:
濁流のほとり 清流の淵 by 梶原景時(CV:井上和彦) (JP Spotify)
11 AM
Seeing all the really cute designs/layouts of other peoples' sites is making me kind of want to do a redesign of mine. I like my current purple-y sparkly (especially because the colors are vaguely Clavis-themed) but cute pink designs are so tempting...

Also dang there sure are a lot of people on Neocities that are into Lolita fashion. It's so nice, I love looking at all their pretty collections. If I wasn't broke I'd probably strongly consider getting into it myself. Right now though even just being able to afford a very small amount of otome games and goods is my top priority though.

Actually though before I would get into Lolita I'm probably way more likely to spend money on getting a ball-joint doll. I really love them... They're so pricey but god are they pretty and seem completely worth it. And I mean why dress up myself when I could dress up something actually pretty, right? When I someday get a doll I swear I'm going to learn to sew so I can learn to make him/her lots of cute outfits myself.

My dream is to have both a boy and a girl BJD. I want to pose them together and maybe even make adorable matching outfits for them...

not dispair?

Music of the day:
濁流のほとり 清流の淵 (JP Spotify only again)
7 PM
Since I feel like I have really little hopes of getting even a shitty minimum wage job right now with my 0 work experience in anything and my crippling social anxiety, I decided to talk to my mom about the possibility of volunteering in a local charity shop. It'd be unpayed work which kinda sucks, but it'd give me like some customer service work experience, maybe it could help with my confidence a little, and hey it'd be something I could put on a CV. She suggested volunteering in the local community centre's little cafe they have.

Apparently it's never really that busy so it could be alright. If they already have plenty of volunteers or whatever then there's still fricking tons of charity shops around here so whatever. I haven't actually been to that cafe before so she said we'll go check it out this Monday.

actually decent

Music of the day:
Papillion - Matenrou
7 PM
Weird day. It started out good, then turned bad, and now it's pretty good again. In terms of my moods throughout the day anyway.

The teaser site for the upcoming new title in Konami's big hit otome game series Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side went up. Just from everything I've seen so far I like Hiiragi(blue hair) best. His looks are quite my type, and he's a theatre boy. Theatre boys are good. Also Fukuyama Jun.

Minoru(pink/black dyed hair) seems really good too. He seems like he has a really nice aesthetic, and I think I remember seeing a Japanese person on Twitter who had gone to the announcement event saying that he's a cosplayer. But a cosplayer who only cosplays female characters. What's that called, a crossplayer? Doesn't really matter what it's called, I like it. You go Minoru.

It's still a shame that Kazama(black hair) got cursed with being voiced by Kaji Yuuki... I really don't like his voice acting, I'll never understand why he's so popular.

I really need to set up my otome news page already. But I have no ideas for how I'm gonna format it...

Also please check out the music link, the MV for Papillion just came out. I've obviously listened to the song already but the MV...! It's such a cute song about three old men going on a relaxing little fishing trip, I love it.

i never know what to say for this

Music of the day:
終わりのなき誓言よ (JP spotify only)
2 PM
Real sad right now. I was hoping there was maybe a slim chance I would possibly be able to go to the Neoromance 25th Anniversary event, and the Angelique Memoir event happening the day after.

It's already so expensive getting the flight, but the tickets are really pricey too... It definitely ain't happening...

I guess there's always the 30th anniversary. In five years... I'm paranoid and worried of the possibility something could happen to the one of the Angelique voice actors within that time. None of them are exactly super young anymore.

We've already lost one member of the cast in the past....
12 PM
I've finally completely finished playing Haruka 3. I already finished all the endings but I've done all of the short extra stories unlocked by getting the endings now.

I thought they were gonna just be cute little romantic comfy stories, and most of them were. Some of them got pretty serious though. The story for Kagetoki's Izayoi ending was really cool. It was so serious and not romantic at all 'cause Nozomi was barely in it. Kagetoki is really great he's such a relatable guy.

Also maybe it was just because I was already feeling emotional for other reasons at the time I played it but Masaomi's regular ending's extra story made me cry a lot.
I love the Heike...


Music of the day:
Kaigou no Hikari yo
1 PM
I've been noticing that a lot of people here seem to be getting a lot of the cute graphics on their websites from tumblr. I was bored today so I decided to go back there and revive the old account I made back in 2012 but have never actually used much at all. Check it out if you want but there's barely anything there. I need to find good people to follow.

Not bad.

Music of the day:
The song in this promo video.
10 PM
update: Never mind who's actually gonna bother to read all this, lol.

I'm not done.

I worked on the Haruka 3 page for hours today why is it taking me this long... It's not even super fancy or well thought out at all. I guess I'm just a slow worker, which really isn't anything new. Doesn't help that I had to figure out new coding things to get it how I want.

Keep your expections low. But also please look at it I put in a little bit of actual effort.
1 PM
I love girls...! I love them! They're so cute!!
11 AM
Good morning(barely). A package arrived for me today

They're so cute. I bought(?) these way back in February when I was still actually playing Granblue Fantasy. I don't really play it much at all anymore, but they're so cute I don't really regret getting them at all.

I'll start playing again if Cygames either lets us use Viramate again or improves their damn game's UI. The characters are still cute and loveable though. I'm going to delude myself into thinking this is Djeeta's small reverse harem. Can only two boys still count as a reverse harem?


Music of the day:
Unmei no Tsuki wa Kurenai
10 PM
This is just turning into more of a shrine than an actual log of me playing. Which I guess obviously makes sense since I'm writing it after I've finished, haha. Oops.
9 PM
I'm finally working on my Haruka 3 page and it took me 3 million years to figure out how to make an image change when you hover your cursor over it. I wanted to make it change when you click a button but I couldn't for the life of me figure that out... Making compromises. I must hide any major spoilers just in case, but I need the pretty pictures.
6 PM
Seeing a lot of others here on Neocities playing ACNL is making me kind of want to pick up playing it again. I played it for a little while ages ago but I don't think I really got all that far in it.

I watched the first Haruka 3 TV anime special yesterday. I love watching the anime adaptations after I finish the games. There's something so special about seeing all these characters that were mostly just still images throughout the game all animated and moving around. The music in the anime is so great, the start of it that all the characters were shown made me feel emotional.

Also it made me cry. I guess the staff thought it would be a good idea to actually show Rizu-sensei's death. It wasn't shown in the saisho no unmei ending of the game, it was just heavily implied he probably died. The anime went all out and showed him being killed right in front of Nozomi. Genuinely showing a close-up of his face as he was bleeding out and the life disappeared from his eyes. Brutal... He's my favorite character so it hurt.

Nozomi was so tough and strong in it as always. I really love her.


Music of the day:
10 PM
Sarazanmai episode 10... I am not okay. I had a strong feeling this would happen but still how dare Ikuni do this? How could he just do something like this?
It is all entirely his doing.
1 PM

New PV for the renewal of LEVEL5's otome mobage Otome Yuusha. I really need to finish that otome news page so I can post news there instead of just writing it in my journal.

I remember playing the game a bit before it was temporarily shut down for the renewal. I didn't really enjoy it that much and dropped it very quickly. I was a bit sad about that since LEVEL5 made a JRPG that I played some of and remember enjoying it a whole lot. It was called Rogue Galaxy, I really need to actually finish it some day.

I'm really hoping Otome Yuusha will be more fun after this renewal. I wish they would use the 3D models all the time, but I think they're just being used for those short cut-ins? The tiny 2D sprite battles are cute and all but I want something more. Also I have a real dislike for Live2D(that weird Flash-like animation used for the 2D portrait sprites). It is so rare that Live2D ever looks decent. At least to me.

The only time it looked okay was probably in Readyyy(rest in peace). Every other time I've seen it used, I would have rather they just used still PNGs instead.
11 PM
Good morning. I had a weird dream last night that I was helping solve a crime case, it was pretty interesting. I don't normally have cool dreams like that.

Last night I stayed up a bit too late finishing both the Shirogane and Tomomori endings in Haruka 3. The Tomomori route/ending was shorter than I had been hoping but it was really good. I liked Nozomi before but now I've fallen in love with her. She's such a great protagonist. All I have left to finish now are all the short afterstories of endings in the extras menu of the game. The extras I hadn't realized existed until after finishing all the endings.

I swear I'm going to get to making a more detailed post about it on my otome/otomelog page soon. I'm still not totally sure how I'm going to do it though. I want to avoid major spoilers and CG spoilers being in plain sight. I can do 4chan-esque spoiler text but what to do about the screenshots I want to include...? If anyone knows how to hide pictures until you mouse over them, or until you click on them, and feels like explaining it to someone who has no idea, please email me my email's on the home page. If no one does I'll probably just google it later though.

I kind of want to make my website button an animated gif. All of the animated gif buttons look so nice. I don't know exactly what I would make it look like though.

Okay I guess.

Music of the day:
Still When I Was Absent From School. And also Hole-dwelling
7 PM

So this is happening. I'd post it on the otome news page but I still haven't made that, oops. It looks really nice, but I wish it weren't a mobage.

Apparently there was already a King of Fighters otome game from the 2000s. The more you know.
6 PM
I was looking through my junk folders on my PC and came across the screenshots I had taken while playing Taisho Alice. Seeing the screenshots of Episode II made me really want to replay it. I've already read Gretel's route twice, but now I really want to reread Kaguya's.

Both of the routes in that game are so great, I really do love them. Kaguya... (major spoilers, cg spoiler, trigger warning probably)
5 PM
I just noticed it's the one month anniversary of when I married Clavis on Happy wedding anniversary to me and him! Obviously I've loved him for longer than that though.
3 PM
I did it. I made the journal page look nicer. Well... It looks nicer to me anyway.

I might move the old entries to something like an archive page at some point.
Old journal entries.


1 PM

My journal entries always end up so long somehow. I just start writing with only a really rough idea of what I'm going to write, sometimes barely any idea at all! Like right now. I'm so bad at writing concisely.

Looking at lots of other people's websites on Neocities, I've been noticing something. There's so many people younger than me making websites on here. I feel like most of the time when people actually state their age on their website, they're younger. I'm still young but I'm starting to feel like a granny. There are so many that seem more mature and are far better at writing than myself too... But I suppose I've never really practiced writing much so that can't be helped. I remember just a few years ago it felt like everyone on the web was older than me and I felt like a little kid. Getting older is a strange feeling. I feel like I've only gotten older in the number of years I've been alive. I've barely matured in neither body nor mind for a long time.
I think the writings in the journals of people with very negative outlooks is starting to rub off on my own, haha.

I really need to revamp this page. I should get to it today. I'm still not completely sure exactly how I'm going to change it though. If you couldn't already tell web design and thinking of ideas for it is not my strong suit. I'll figure out something.


7 PM

I guess E3 is going on right now. I don't play regular video games much anymore so it doesn't really mean a lot to me. The primary reason I'm aware of it is because my brother won't shut up about it. Everything that's come out of his mouth since it started has been like 90% things relating to it. I'm of course not criticising him for this, it just doesn't interest me much personally. I would be just as excited if there were an otome games equivalent of E3, haha.I suppose the closest would be Otomate Party maybe, but that's only Otomate games.
It's nice to have something to be excited about. It makes the days seem brighter.

I was bored earlier and decided to catch up on Kikuo's newest music. Back when I was really into Vocaloid he was one of my favorite producers, and still is. Some of his newest stuff seems to have gotten even weirder, and I love it. His newest song When I Was Absent From School(学校を休んだ日のこと) is so nice. I kind of haven't been able to stop listening to it. It's a really nice pretty song about a feeling probably a lot of people have experienced. The comments are interesting to read too. I like reading about the people recounting memories brought up from the song. I really like Kikuo's tendency to use sound effects in his songs. I don't know why exactly, but something about it is nice to me. There's one song he made that genuinely has the sound of meaty bone-crushing as a beat.

3 PM

I'm kind of starting to regret not archiving the earlier version of my site's pages. Just so I could look back and see how much they've improved since I first started this site. I do actually have the html file of my horrible and difficult to read first home page of the site. I didn't even know how to put borders around things using css yet then. It looks so bad it's endearing. I'm getting better at making pages seem more organised and less like a jumbled mess. I'd like to think anyway. The links page looks so nice and clean now. This Journal page is long due for a revamp, I might do that pretty soon. My otome games recommendations page is coming along nicely. I doubt it'd actually convince anyone to try the games, especially the Japanese ones 'cause of that damn ol' language barrier, but the page is fun to make anyway.

I keep repeatedly making new JP region spotify accounts using a VPN just so I can keep listening to Neoromance music on it until that account either gets banned or I reach the monthly 15 hour limit. Then I just make a new one. Thank you Gmail for allowing salted emails so I don't have to make tons of new email addresses for this. I really want to buy the actual CDs but I'm too poor, and I don't know of any less than legal download sites that would actually have the songs. So I will keep cheating Spotify to listen to all its 584 Neoromance songs.

Also I'm almost at 40 followers!! I only started my website a little over a month ago I don't know how I have that many already. I'm really glad though. Updating this website and looking at other people's sites has become one of my favorite things to do every day.

I did go for removing the links to my Twitter account after all. I really do like this place just being disconnected from my other online identity. Maybe I will put my Twitter link somewhere on the site again but it certainly won't be on the front page.


11 PM

Woke up early today to go to the dentist. Had a long nap afterwards and now I feel like I might have trouble sleeping because of it. This is why I don't usually take naps.

I've been feeling really anti-social since yesterday and I don't know why. I tend to start feeling like this from time to time. Maybe it's because I'm an introvert and talking with people gets too much after a while? I just start to want to seclude myself and not talk to anyone except maybe my boyfriend sometimes. I don't think anyone I know aside from him ever even checks my website actually. I love my friends but it is still nice have a little corner detached from them, just to myself. Like a little oasis if you will (stupid but i couldnt help myself).

In that vein of having this site as my own little place detached from my other online identity, I'm think of maybe removing the 'other places you can find me' or whatever box from the home page, and maybe even removing the link to my site on my twitter profile. Still not totally sure yet though. It couldn't be totally removed though unless I could somehow change the url of my site since thats the alias I always go as, haha. I haven't actually checked if that's even possible, without just making a new account.

Hopefully I'll stop feeling anti-social soon. Until then I'll just keep checking on everyone's sites here like always, and binge play Haruka 3 so I can finally finish it, I'll write a post on my otome playlog page that I swear I'm going to actually use unlike my blog, either once I finish the Shirogane route, or after I finish the Tomomori route and the game's (i think?) fully complete then.


9 PM

I made the otome recommendations page for the otome section of my site! I was planning on not posting it until I had it completely done but then I thought 'heck it' and posted it still not totally finished. I'll be adding the Japanese language games later. I definitely started writing more for the descriptions of games as I went down the list, sorry Code:Realize. I might go back and write more for its description later. I'm so happy with the header of the page I'm highly considering moving it to the main otome page, it feels wasted just being on the rec page, haha.

Also I love the Corda 3/4 Kyouya Kanade fanart in this tweet so much I feel a great need to share it here. Please click the link I love these dumb sweet childhood friends so much.

11 AM

Last night I had a dream that one of the cats somehow damaged my tin METAL Angelique lunchbox/travelbox thing. I don't know how a cat would manage to damage something like that, I think she had punctured a hole in it! I'm pretty sure I went berserk at the damn thing in the dream. Also for some reason it took place in my family's old house, which is weird since I didn't have any of my Angelique stuff back then.

Also Incessantpain this is a few days late but if you're reading this hello! If you do end up playing Retour or Corda 3 I hope that you'll enjoy them!!
I didn't think my dumb little website would actually convince anyone to give any of my favorite games a try, I feel all giddy.

I still remember being absolutely shocked when out of pure coincidence, one of the very first sites I checked out on Neocities when I first came here happened to also have stuff about otome games on it. I never expected to see anyone else who likes them here, but I was really excited seeing it. (I'm not sure if you'd be reading this but hello Misty I love your site and your blog too!)

I'm going out to eat with my family a bit later today as a little bit of a celebration for me actually doing not awful enough to be able to graduate university! And my brother graduating too (he did way better than me...). So that might be fun.

I'm still working on updating the otome part of my website. I'm not totally sure what to do next. I kinda of don't want the pages all to have the exact same layout. I want to mix them up a bit to make it more interesting, but that requires more ideas. And creativity... (one of my weak points). I'll probably come up with something at some point soon. I think I'm going to work on the recommendations page next. The history page is probably going to be the hardest and the most work, so I might do that last. I want to try and make that one as fun as I can. The shrines might require a decent bit of effort too just because I want to make them really full of character, but those are kinda the lowest priority and I'm in no rush to finish them.

I wonder if separating my general rambling and otome rambling into two different journals is actually going to work out...


7 PM

Yesterday night I noticed I was at the very top row of the 3rd page of most followed sites on Neocities. I'm so happy! I know it hasn't really been very long or anything but I really didn't think I would stick with this for more than even a few days. I've gone way farther than I expected in the beginning. I'm really enjoying this platform that lets me express myself so freely, and this lovely small community comprised of so many very different but very supportive people.

I went to the local GP today and got blood taken (ugh) for a blood test. I was directly reminded by looking at the doctor's computer monitor in the doctor's room that like all of the computers used in NHS facilities are still running Windows 98. It's incredible, like taking a step into the past.

I finally got a start on improving the otome page of my website! I'm improving it from a single page into a whole section of many different pages! I'm making it super pink and super girly to reflect my idea of the core spirit of otome games. Also I just like that aesthetic as well.

I wonder if some day I'll actually try joining one of those Neocities Discord servers...


12 PM

I neglected to do an entry yesterday because I wasn't feeling very well, but I'm back today! I feel like nearly every day for the past week or so I've been waking up to new followers here on Neocities and it makes me feel really happy. I really love what I've seen of the community here so far. I haven't seen its underbelly or anything since I'm not in any of the Discord servers, but what I can see on the surface here is all so nice and supportive. The still very new Neocities website creator Fennergy seems really sweet and everyone has been so supportive of her it really warms my heart.

Ruby Party announced the cast of the upcoming Neoromance 25th Anniversary stage event and Angelique Memoir 2019 and I want to go more than I've ever wanted to go to anything in my entire life. I want to see them so badly. I want to be in the same physical space as Hayami Sho, seeing him in person with my own eyes... I wonder if I could gather up the funding to go. I am desperate. I want to see them all. I could possibly wait until the 30th anniversary, maybe there'd be an Angelique event then too. But I am paranoid and deathly afraid that within those 5 years of waiting one of the Angelique voice actors could retire, or something could happen to them. It probably and hopefully won't happen but I'm so worried. We've already lost one of the original Angelique cast in the past. I don't want to miss out on a once in a lifetime chance...

Also last night I watched Butai Touken Ranbu Hiden Yui no Me no Hototogisu together with a friend. I always watch the Touken stageplays together with her and we are always blown away by how amazing they are every time. I love those plays so much. They are infinitely better than either of the Touken Ranbu anime adaptations. They're genuinely the best things to come from the franchise. Everything about them is perfect. The actors/acting, the direction, the choreography, the music, the costumes and wigs, writing, dialogue, character development, the shocking twists we never see coming. Me and my friend become sobbing messes every time. I cannot believe something so amazing is the stage adaptation of a browser game of all things. I don't have strong enough words to describe how much of a masterpiece either of these plays are, that are somehow just getting better with each one, and just how much I love them. They're just... beautiful.


12 AM

All of a sudden I've gotten tons of ideas of how I'm going to revamp the otome games page on my website to make it much more interesting and informative. Maybe even a bit fun for someone who's not an otome gamer to check out. It's quite late now so I'm not going to start work on it until tomorrow, but I'm actually really looking forward to doing it. I hope it's going to end up being as nice as it seems in my head.

6 PM

I'm still working on learning Javascript. Slowly. I'm working on learning the basics instead of just skipping straight to stuff that'll make my website fancier. I would love to learn Javascript more indepth because I would really like to try making a game using it. Just a simple text adventure game would be really cool.

I'm still working my way through finishing Haruka 3. I finished the Yuzuru izayoi and the daidanen(finale) endings last night. Yuzuru cares so much about Nozomi, I felt bad for him having to spend half a year without Nozomi because she had sacrificed herself to summon Hakuryuu's dragon form, and she got spirited away after. Poor Yuzuru spent that half a year in Kyo just struggling with crippling grief. The voice acting of his internal monologues was great during that, he sounded so genuinely dead inside. The daidanen ending was really cool. I loved all of the main cast going to Nozomi's world to stop Dakiniten from wrecking up her world. I wish we had spent more time with them together in her world. I wanted cute fish-out-of-water moments with the characters getting shocked by modern technology.

I'm getting really close to finishing the game fully now. Only a few more izayoi endings, Shirogane, and Tomomori's endings and then I'm all finished. I'm really enjoying it but also I want to hurry up and finish so I can get started on playing the first Haruka game. I own so much merchandise of it now thanks to tons of Haruka 1 stuff coming with the Angelique stuff I bought. The stuff also came with not one, but two limited editions of the Maihitoyo movie that I want to watch once I finish. It comes with a special tokuten DVD that I think features behind the scenes stuff with the voice actors if I read it right. I'm really excited to watch that. I want to see footage of Inoue being adorable and Seki being weird.


5 PM

Happy birthday Zephel from Angelique!! He's one of my favorite Angelique boys and I must wish him a happy birthday.

4 PM

Kind of considering separating my regular rambling and my otome rambling into two different pages. Maybe. Also I'm very tempted to change the layout of this page. Make the separation between days way more clear, somehow. I'm thinking about nice looking ways to do that.

Also I really shouldn't have because I'm already playing too many games as it is, but I started playing Neo Angelique. I was originally planning on waiting until I finished the original Angelique series before starting Neo, but I can't find ISOs of Trois and Etoile anywhere I know of so I really can't right now. It should be fine though since I don't think they're very connected at all. It's really cute so far. I love the protagonist's design she's absolutely adorable. Also the map sprites are so cute, the cat is there!

Edit: I forgot to mention that it has an animated OP and it looks so nice. I love it.

11 AM

I was in the local Tesco this morning and heard an employee quietly singing to himself, "this is the life, this is the life." I bet he really enjoys his job.

I haven't written about it yet, but it's Pride Month! I should embrace my bisexuality this month and read more GL manga or something. Maybe I'll finally watch the few good GL anime out there. It's too bad I already played Daria's route in Gekka Ryouran Romance last month. A route with a girl in an otome game voiced by Saiga Mitsuki. It was wonderful. While playing it, I was so happy the route was actually gay and wasn't just a friendship route. It was so undeniably gay. I loved it. I can't actually think of any other Japanese otome games with a romantic girl route at the moment. Besides Otomate's new Rose of Versailles game. Apparently Oscar's route is romantic, according to the official route chart thing. I really need to get that game eventually.


11 PM

I think this is the first time I've actually done more than two entries in one day.
I was just thinking about how all of Otomate new games are all releasing on the Switch. The Vita is really finally almost dead for good. I'm gonna miss the Vita. It's been such a good console to me over all these years. I got the Vita before all of the newer versions came out, still have the original 1000 model. It's a good thing I knew the move of otome games to the Switch was definitely going to happen so I'd already gotten one last year in preparation.

I'm sort of curious if anyone actually bothers reading these journal entries. I sort of want to know, but also I might become self-conscious about it if I know for sure people are reading this. Might be better to just leave it a mystery and continue talking to myself. For anyone who may actually be reading this, sorry my prose is so boring. I never read books or anything so my vocabulary is really lacking. Never went to school so never really studied English either... On top of that I think I have a problem with writing in a concise manner. I've done too much bloating my college and university written work with way more words to explain things than necessary. My parents actually didn't even teach me to read and write. I self-taught myself when I was a kid because I wanted to actually be able to read the text in video games. My upbringing might've been a bit weird.

9 PM

Okay I watched all of the videos now. The isekai cafe one seems really cute. I'm usually not much a fan of Yuuya's artstyle but it's actually looking really nice in this. I can't wait to date headless Goblin Slayer. I love him already.

8 PM

Went to watch the new Godzilla movie with my family today. It was really cool. I'd never seen any kaiju movies until now but giant monsters fighting each other is really rad, isn't it?

Otomate Party happened and a bunch of new Otomate projects were announced. After looking at the announcement tweets and checking out all the PVs, the ones I'm most interested in are probably Clockwork Apocalypse and Meiji Katsugeki Haikara Ryuuseigumi. They both seem interesting and also in Clockwork Apocalypse's case, I love Ogata Megumi. The song in Meiji Katsugeki's PV is so nice I really like it.

I'm kind of tempted to make a page on my site for otome game news. I know there are probably way better places to get otome game news that exist on the web but I kind of want to try making my own as just a fun little thing to do.

Edit: ah I forgot to check the new PVs for the stuff that had already been announced a while ago.


8 PM

I think I've hit the website version of art block. I'm not totally sure what I want to do with the site right now. Maybe it's more like I do have ideas but don't yet have the skill to implement them, and I'm being lazy and putting off learning that necessary skill. I need to stop being lazy so much and just get off my butt and do it.

A Japanese Neoromance fan actually talked to me on Twitter today and offered to be my friend, I was really happy...

Working on getting the Hakuryuu ending in Haruka 3. He's such a sweet little boy. He really loves his miko unconditionally so damn much it kills me. He's so innocent and pure. Protect him Nozomi.



5 PM

I really wish I was acquainted with even a single other person who's a fan of the Neoromance games. I feel really lonely in my hobby a lot. I don't really have anyone to talk about it with. I have like two friends who are at least willing to listen to me rambling about it, but it's really not the same as talking with someone who's familiar and genuinely invested in it. Sometimes I consider just taking the dive and maybe trying to make friends with Japanese Neoromance fans. It's a dive that feels a little too steep for me though. I don't really want to bother them with my poor Japanese skills. If I was able to draw I might be able to weasel my way into the Japanese fandom through contributing to it with art. But as I am now I'd really have nothing to contribute other than my love for the series spoken in broken language.

In less dumb whiny news I've started on my way to learning javascript so hopefully my website will get some more fancy functionality soon.

Little edit just slightly in the future, I've hit 25 followers! I feel proud of how far my tiny little site has become. Even if it hasn't come that far on a larger scale. I never expected to actually get this into it. I'm glad.

1 PM

Was cleaning up and looking through boxes and found some of my old games from when I was younger. Most of these are so nostalgic. I spent so many hours playing Battle for Middle-Earth II and The Settlers. They were probably some of my favorite games. I really was such a PC kid. I spent a lot of time playing Mount & Blade too. That game had its flaws but it was so interesting and a lot of fun.


12 AM

I think browsing random websites on the internet has quickly become a new hobby of mine. It's so interesting finding lots of neat little personal pages. They're all so full of character, unique, and interesting. I wish more people were interested in making their own websites these days.

I've been slightly considering trying to join one of the unofficial Neocities Discord servers floating around. It could be interesting to involve myself more in the community of Neocities... Maybe. At the same time though I feel like doing that might somehow get rid of some of the wonder of this place. It's hard to explain. I mentioned before about my fondness of the lack of direct communication personal sites have. It's kind of related to that. Saying that though, there is also profile messages, those sort of count as direct communication as well. I choose not to use them much myself, I only reply if someone's left a message on my profile and that's it.

I've been slightly neglecting playing through Haruka 3 more the past few days since I usually play it in bed, but I've been reading Vampire Hunter D instead the past few nights. I think I'll play more of it tonight though. I play some of it this morning. Going to get the Masaomi Izayoi ending soon, and then it'll be time to finally do Hakuryuu's route! I've been really looking forward to playing his route. I really like him, he's so precious. He's such a sweet little boy. He loves his miko so much it's so cute.

I'm still listening to May Be True.


12 AM

Still listening to a lot of Neoromance music on Spotify. Corda 3/4 Daichi's song May Be True is really nice.
素敵な 素敵な 素敵な 素敵な
素敵な 素敵な 君

How long is that going to be stuck in my head I wonder, it's too catchy. I'd link the song if it actually existed on Youtube. It's on NicoDou but as a live performance. Have this nice Toki song instead. It's real nice too.

5 PM

I've been neglecting saving all the html files locally but I finally caught up with that again. I don't want to accidentally delete one and then have to remake it like what happen with my translations page once. Good thing that's just a really simple one, and I had a screenshot of all the text that was on it. I'm not totally sure what I want to put on my site next. I know I want to add some other stuff but I'm not sure. I'm leaning towards either finally making a Clavis shrine, or making like a profile page with a bit more info about myself if anyone's actually curious. I'll probably make the profile first since that's gonna be a lot more simple than a shrine.


12 AM

My website has hit 3k views! It's not really much compared to others but it feels like a nice milestone for me.

10 PM

I've done a bunch of work on making my website really look how I want it to. I'm pretty happy with how the home page is looking right now. So many nice gifs. I wrote a lot for the otome games page. It's such a wall of text I doubt many people at all will read it, but it was kind of satisfying to write so I don't mind. There's something I really enjoy about the one-sided communication of personal websites. It's one of my favorite things about them. Reading someone's hobby pages, reading their journal entries, you learn about them as a person and grow a fondness for them. Despite them being someone you may never directly interact with. I love the kind of relationship very unique to personal websites of two people just quietly mutually reading each other's websites, never actually saying a word to each other outside of maybe a short guestbook comment. I would be happy if there's someone who finds enjoyment in checking out my website and even reading these little(large) journal entries.

This one-sided type of relationship is kind of one that suits me quite well. I'm really useless at talking to others. In the past few years I've gotten a lot better at talking via text-based messenging to people but I still can barely talk about things that aren't related to my interests, small talk is something I struggle with. There's a point still relating to websites I'm trying to make saying all that. There's a number of people here on Neocities that I enjoy reading their webpages and journals/diaries and they seem like cool people, but I feel like if I were to actually have met and interacted with them in a way that involved more direct communication I don't think I would actually be able to get along well with them. Not because I wouldn't like them, or they wouldn't like it (well maybe) but more because I wouldn't really have anything to talk about. Random rambling about random thoughts over I guess. I said in the "About" up there that the entries would probably all be short but that doesn't seem to be happening much.

I delved into the deep depths of tumblr today to find some of those blinkies I put on my Home page. tumblr is truly a very odd place. I sent some time on it briefly many years ago now but I could never gel with the place. I preferred going on 4chan much more, although I rarely ever visit that now either. I probably preferred 4chan's environment of everyone being a nobody (except for the namefags but people hate them). Twitter isn't too bad, although I mostly only use it for news from official accounts, following artists, and just interacting with pre-existing friends. How do people even make new friends on Twitter?

In less random-rambly-thoughts news, The package I've been waiting for for well over a month has finally arrived. On Yahoo Auctions JP I had seen someone selling a TON of really old Neoromance stuff and I could not resist. It was so cheap I was slightly worried I was being scammed even though the saler had good reviews. The stuff is here now and it definitely was not a scam. There's so much of this stuff I don't even know where I'm going to put it all. There's an Angelique jigsaw puzzle that's as old as I am. I wanted to put it together when the package got here but... It's still sealed. I think it might be the original plastic. I don't have the guts to open that. A lot of this stuff is from limited editions from the late 90s and early 00s and I can't believe I got it all for 4000 yen. I'm really happy about it though. I need to finally play the first Harukanaru game so I can properly appreciate all of it. I'm extremely appreciating the Angelique stuff though. I'd maybe show some pictures of the stuff but I'm lazy and taking decent pictures is hard, especially with my potato phone.

I start these entries thinking I won't have much to say, and then I save the document, look at the page, and I've written an essay...


5 PM

Oh it's actually just became Atsumori's birthday in Japan an hour ago. Happy birthday Atsumori!

3 PM

It's a decent few days since my last entry, oops. This entry's gonna be a bit different from the usual. I don't usually feel like mentioning stuff about my real life much, but I really did have an awful day yesterday. I had a major mess up at university that caused trouble not just for myself but for the team I'm working with on a project as well. I really feel so awful and ashamed about it. Until around an hour ago I hadn't eaten anything in probably around 33 hours or so. Not because I had no appetite or anything, but because I sorta felt like I didn't deserve to eat anything? Something like that. I tend to feel like that and don't eat much when I'm in a particularly depressed mood. Probably still wouldn't have eaten anything if I hadn't been feeling really weak and like I was about to pass out. I really don't feel like facing anyone I know in real life right now. Sorta want to die. More than usual anyway.

I feel like I don't want to end this entry just on a sad note. So maybe I'll talk about the non-depressing things I've been up to in the past few days. I'm still playing my way through Haruka 3. I finished Rizuvan's Izayoi ending. It was so great, it really got me. I think that was the first time I've been moved to tears since I started playing the game. Rizuvan is such a sweet old oni I love him. The lengths he goes to help and support Nozomi really gets my heart. Not merely protecting her but teaching her the skills and strength necessary to be able to protect herself and what's important to her. It's so nice compared to the average in otome that the protagonist remains helpless and the boy just protects her. Spoilers Still not totally sure how the time travel works though. I'm not sure how Rizuvan still exists outside of when you do his route. Since in his route Nozomi is chasing him and accidentally wonders into his past when Rizuvan was a child and his village was raided and burned down. After wondering in, Nozomi saves a child who she hadn't realized at the time is Rizuvan. After she runs off with child him away from the village, they get attacked by an onryou and Nozomi would have died, but adult Rizuvan comes back to save her using the Hakuryu no Gekirin (the thing that allows Nozomi to time travel) that he had accidentally used in a panic the initial timeline that she had died then. In this timeline that adult Rizuvan goes there, I think she gave the Gekirin to child him to keep the past on its course. But these events only happen in Rizuvan's route so I'm wondering how he's still alive in the other routes. Time travel is confusing. Maybe because technically due to time travel and stuff all of the routes/endings can count (and do count if you're playing the game correctly) as one single playthrough. Things you've done and items you've gotten are carried on between all the different routes/endings. I'm not letting it bother me too much though since I'm really weak to the fact that after that incident Rizuvan basically dedicated all the proceeding years of his life to Nozomi, to becoming able to save the girl who had saved him. And he's an old man so it's been a lot of years. I started Atsumori's route and so far I'm loving him as much as I was expecting, which is a lot. Nozomi is great in it too. I love her dashingly proclaiming to him (multiple times) that she's going to protect him.

I watched the Vampire Hunter D movie just recently after seeing a thread on Twitter with images showing how beautiful the movie is. I really loved it. And I really loved D himself. It was pretty much inevitable I was going to love him. He has a few too many similarities to Clavis. How predictable I have become. I started reading the original Vampire Hunter D books and it's almost amusing to me how much the author mentions how beautiful D is in the text.

A while ago now I used a VPN to sign up to Spotify to get a Japanese region account, and I've been enjoying just how many Neoromance songs there are on there. There's an official playlist with 584 songs, it's great. I've been listening to SUMMER BOYS, 愛しさは禁断の甘美いミルクホウル, 陽は沈み、また昇る, and 三人のテーブル 〜Sweet Flower Garden〜 a lot.


10 AM

Neocities sure died yesterday. I had been looking forward to working on my site more and maybe writing another journal entry after getting home but couldn't do that at all. Yesterday I actually went outside of my house, ate some sushi, and went to the library. It was a nice day. Then I spent the rest of it mostly being bored. I've actually been spending time playing Cookie Clicker again for the first time in years after seeing it linked on Heart's website. I'm not far in it yet, but I wonder how many features have been added since I last played.

I also spent a lot of time playing that new mobage mentioned in my previous entry. It's really cute. I'm enjoying it very much. I love most of the characters so far. Despite just having released like two days ago it's also already getting merchandise, which isn't a surprise really. I know other mobage that started getting merchandise before they actually released. I need these stupid little things so badly. I knew they were going to be my favorite from the start, but I really love TOXIC.

I doubt I'm ever going to stop being lazy long enough to actually finish that Haruka 3 blog post I was working on, so I think I'll just post it unfinished for now. Maybe I'll edit it to finish it someday... If anyone is interested in reading it, it's right here.


I've been making great progress for the past two days now figuring out how html and css work. I've been wanting to start this journal for a little while now. I really enjoy reading other people's journals on Neocities, so it made me want to make my own. I don't know if anyone would find any enjoyment about of reading mine though. But I enjoy reading other people's even if it's just them talking about mundane daily life.

I said to myself I wouldn't start my journal until I understood website coding enough to get my website to a point that I could make it visually bearable to read, but also not have to compromise on my sparkly star background.

I've already said it on my blog, but I'm going to say it here too. I genuinely thought not too long ago "wow it's seriously impressive that all these people back in the 90s and early 00s all learned html and css to make their websites." Not even crossing my mind that a lot of them probably used premade templates/layouts for their sites instead of doing all of it from scratch. I wonder if I still would have done my site all by myself completely from scratch if I had realised that sooner.
Oh well though! It's actually been kind of fun learning as I made the site.

In other news, I've been steadily playing my way through Haruka 3 for quite a while now. I'm maybe about half way finished with it and I really like it. I love the protagonist. She's so strong and heroic and definitely not the typical doormat that otome protagonists unfortunately tend to be a lot, at least in Otomate titles which make up a majority of modern games.
I was writing up a bigger more informative blog post about Haruka 3 but I kind of got too lazy and I might not ever finish it. I'm not good at making my writing informative and/or insightful. It's hard work.

In other other news, a mobage I've been looking forward to for months has just come out. I don't really play any mobage much at all anymore, but I've had my eyes on this one for a while and I definitely want to give it a fair chance. It's called Dankira and it's about highschool boy dancers. It seems really cute. I always appreciate more joseimuke mobage that actually has 3D graphics. The models are quite simple but they're plenty cute enough. I just hope Konami won't shut it down as quickly as they shut down Tokimeki Idol.

I guess that about wraps up the first post on my journal page. If you took the time to read it, then thank you!

Edit: I have 10 whole followers now! Yay!