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This is where Miki's web logs are posted. I mostly just write about my interests and any random thoughts I have rattling around in my head that I want to shake out into the void of the World Wide Web. I really appreciate anyone who decides to give my logs a read.
sorry its vtubers again

I got some silly little men in the post.
I also got Gaku's Focus On single too among other things. I really like Nijisanji's Focus On singles. Leos already got one a little while ago and I really like both of the songs on it. Around the release of Leos's I saw a Leos fan say that the singles reminds them of anime character song singles and albums from the 00s and early 10s and I really agree with that sentiment. Except instead of anime characters singing the songs, it's silly virtual streamer people. I remember listening to so many different anime character songs when I was younger. It's so nostalgic. I like both of the songs on Gaku's, but I definitely like Eikyuu Finder the most. JUNKS FLOWER is okay, but I am listening to Eikyuu Finder on repeat. I looked it up and if I remember right, the producer of the song has done one or more songs for Idolmaster Side M. So Gaku is pretty much a Side M boy now (it doesn't work like that).
It's been ages now so I can't properly remember, but I think one or both of the songs on Leos's Focus On had done Side M songs too? Don't quote me on that though. But I just feel like Side M suits Leos so much... I mean I guess it suits any of the guys who joined Nijisanji or any other popular vtuber group in their late 20s or older. Making such a big change in your life and becoming an entertainer and/or idol at an age when lots of other folks have settled down already. I like it. I love watching ojisans living the dream. I don't know too well about the other ojisans, but it's pretty evident that joining Nijisanji really turned Leos's life around. Makes me happy watching him being successful. He's really doing his best...
The me of many years ago looked upon people being all parasocial with celebrities and internet content creators and thought wow that's crazy I would never be like that towards real people I love my fictional characters and that's it.
But look at what I have become... I mean vtubers are still partially fictional but they're definitely partially real too... I try not to be delusional though so I think I'm good (probably).
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What the heck it's been so long.
I haven't just totally forgot about this website while I was wasn't updating. I did think about it decently often and how I want to get to updating it, but I just can never find the energy. It's so easy to just enjoy passive hobbies instead... The only non-passive thing I've really done at all in my free time was English subtitle some clips of one of my favourite vtubers, but even that stopped for a few months. Doing things is hard.
Still a big fan of vtubers. It's been like 2 and a half years since I first became really into them. I can be pretty fickle with my interests and sometimes they don't last that long even if it was something I was super into. Still think of how if it weren't for Mayuzumi my interest in them probably would have only lasted like a few months, if even that. Thank you Mayuzumi.
I'm still mostly only into watching JP vtubers, particularly Nijisanji. I don't watch EN vtubers much. Nijisanji EN sucks and I wish they would stay away from the original branch. Since I have been away from updating this website, Holostars EN started, and I've actually been watching them a bit though. They aren't bad. If anyone reading this is inclined to check out English speaking men vtubers I would recommend them. I particularly like Vesper and Bettel. Vesper is a silly 28 year old man who is totally not actually 14 years older than that. And bettel is just a silly clown man. As far as I've seen they're all nice. Vesper said he's going to stream Dwarf Fortress (the release with the fancy graphics) really looking forward to that. Been wanting to watch someone play it.
Really tired out by real life. I won't say specifics because I hate talking about my life. But it sucks. I'm tired. I'm really tired even though I've hardly been doing anything. I wish my brain wasn't like this. I feel so mentally and socially exhausted from the smallest things. I want to be able to do more but I feel like I'll go crazy from the stress and anxiety if I do. Really doesn't feel worth it a lot.
But anyway I love my favourite vtubers Leos and Gaku. I look back upon the days when I would hear people having parasocial relationships with online creators and I thought 'haha wack, I would never.' And look at me now. I mean though the attachment I have towards them is I feel a bit different than a non-virtual creator... Maybe... Anyway the more I learn about Leos the funnier it is to me that there are cute little plush toys of him and that lots of cute girls and people treat them as their precious little babygirl. He is just such a dude. Such a man. A really dry guy at that. It's kinda amusing. Doesn't stop me from also treating my little Leos plush as my little babygirl as well though. He is streaming Kirby wii Deluxe as I write this. Is there anything better than watching a cute person play a cute game?
look at my bbygirl

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dragon quest
date: 2022/07/26
I started playing the Dragon Quest series recently.
Around 2 weeks ago, maybe even 3 now, my oshi Leos started streaming Dragon Quest 5. Watching him play it made me feel like playing a good old fashion turn-based retro RPG for the first time in ages. Since I didn't really have anything else in mind, and Dragon Quest 5 was very neat to watch, I decided to start playing the series myself.
I've already finished playing 1 and 2, and I'm currently playing through 3. I played through the SNES port of 1 and 2. Kinda glad that I played the SNES port instead of the original. When I was close to clearing 2 I was looking up stuff and happened to see that the world map item in the game was actually added in the port and wasn't in the original. I relied so heavily on that map when going from between different continents and islands on the boat. I would have been so lost without it, haha.
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Playing through all the games from the start is really interesting because I get to see how the series evolved as the new titles were released. I mean maybe it's a bit different since I'm playing the SNES versions though. Like in the first game you don't have any companions with you, it's just the hero by himself. It was in the 2nd game that you get a party. Also the progression of the story in the games is neat. In the 1st game there was like hardly any story at all. It was just "go defeat the evil dragon lord and save the people." And that was it. It was quite a stark difference between what I had seen so far in Leos' playthrough of 5. The 2nd game had a bit more in the way of story but not that much. And so far at least, the 3rd game has a bit more too. I really like that in 3 you can actually pick whether you want the hero to be a boy or a girl. I wasn't aware there were any games in the series that let you play as a girl. I wonder if there's any others besides just 3. I hope so.
I chose to play 1 and 2 in English because I was feeling too lazy to read Japanese and since I decided to play the games totally on a whim I honestly didn't think I would get very far at all. But I'm playing 3 in Japanese. I saw that apparently the translation patch of the SNES version of 3 is pretty full of bugs. I looked into the Switch release from 2019 but honestly it looks kinda ugly compared to the SNES version. I don't know why they would choose to make it look worse than the past. 3's graphics on the SNES are actually so pretty. 1 and 2 I'd say the graphics were fine. Serviceable. But 3 is sooo pretty. The opening scene when you first start a new game and talk to God and God makes you take a fun little personality quiz, the visuals there are absolutely gorgeous. By the way I took that personality quiz 3 times. I got the "selfish" personality twice, and then the "vain" personality... God is so harsh. I stuck with vain because it gives better stat boosts but, damn...
I'll probably write again about Dragon Quest as I play more. It's been so many years since I've been able to maintain my focus on video games that aren't an otome game, or ffxiv. It's very satisfying.
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first post on the new journal page
date: 2022/07/24
I finally did it. The overhaul I've been working on at a snail's pace for months. I was so tired of the old look of the website, and I felt like it didn't really suit me anymore. Maybe now that I'm happier with the visual theme of the website I'll update it more often. Hopefully. Maybe. Haha.
A lot has happened since my last entry. Like... My first favourite vtuber is ceasing his activities (aka retiring) at the end of this month. Which is very soon now. It was announced at the beginning of this month, but I still don't really know how to feel about it. In complete honesty, I haven't been watching him very much for a while. Likely due to my usual tendency lose interest in obsessions of mine after a while, and probably also just because since around mid 2021 he's been going in a direction with his content that I'm not quite as much of a fan of.
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I feel as if I should be more upset. But ultimately since I haven't been watching him much anyway, there won't be much change for me. I am sad that he'll be gone. But probably not the kind of upset that I would have been at the height of my fixation I had with him. It's so strange to think that he'll be gone though. Even though I hadn't been actively watching him, I've really taken his continued presence for granted. I had been a casual vtuber watcher since before I discovered him, but it wasn't until him that I became an avid watcher. He taught me what is in my personal opinion, the true appeal, and the true capability of virtual entertainers. He completely changed the way I look at them. The figure in the graphic for my vtuber page is modeled after him. I made it before his retirement announcement, and I'm absolutely never changing it to anyone other than him. He's too important of an existence to me.
I have to acknowledge that he is definitely not the first to do the kind of things that he'd done. But he probably took it to the most grand of a scale than anyone else I know of. The happening at the ALTAvision in Tokyo was really unforgettable. It's such a tragedy that we're losing him. I'm glad that he's staying true to himself and not comprimising on that though. It seems that he just isn't the kind of person fit to be a corporate vtuber in the end... I wonder if the sadness will just hit me like a ton of bricks after the date of his retirement and he's truly gone.
I'm going to miss him... Mayuzumi... I hope he continues to enjoy the freedom he's gained even after we can no longer meet him.
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